Ex-FSB CQB Specialist


Real Name : Maksim Voronov
Codeman : Oboroten
Gender : Male
Nationality : Russian
Height : 6’2"
Weight : 178lbs
Hair : Dark Brown
Eyes : Green
Identifying Marks : Shrapnel scars on his lower back. Two bullet scars on his right shoulder along with exit wounds scars on the back. Appendix scar.

Typically wears Russian BDU pants and combat boots with a black t-shirt and/or sweater. Never without a black leather duster (kevlar-lined) which hides his weapons, usually a pair of 9mm Glock 18’s with heavy barrel porting and a pair of SIG Sauer P220’s chambered in .45 ACP also with heavy barrel porting. He also has a modern forged katana though it is usually only carried on missions.



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