The Agency: Season 01

Session 03

Who's shooting at me?!?!?

Session 03 started with a bang!

Our intrepid squad of professionals left the hostages cowering in the lobby and immediately headed downstairs to the vaults, they knew they had 4 mins to get the contents of the safety deposit box.

Hashim took point and as he rounded an open security doorway, a patroling thief spotted him and began firing, the thief hit Hashim but his armour protected him from damage. Hashim returned fire and immediately dropped the thief, blood pooling from his corpse. He moved past the security door into the corridor

Eric ran forward, to where the corridor turned a corner and spotted another thief using the bulletproof glass of the vault room as cover.

Jose followed Eric, stopping near the downed thief.

Hashim once again moved forward, and fired at the thief taking cover in the vault room, unfortunately, a defect in his weapon caused his barrel to explode, temporarily blinding him, causing some serious damage to his armour and causing some nicks and scratches.

From here the fight turned a bit messy, Jose blocked Hashim’s line of retreat forcing him to go prone as an assailant that was out of Jose and Eric’s line of sight took pot shots at Hashim. Fortunately, Hashim’s armour held out but by the time Jose and Eric had dealt with all threats, Hashim’s armour was a useless mess.

Once all threats were down including the leader who could’t shoot for toffee, they discovered the drill engineer cowering behind his equipment. He began begging for his life, telling our pro’s that he’d been press-ganged into helping the thieves and that they were threatening his wife and child.

When forced at gunpoint to open the safety deposit vault security door, the drill engineer knew the codes to access the room and raise shelf E. They then further threatened the engineer to try to get him to open the deposit box. The engineer told them that he’d need the drill and that it would take half an hour to set up. Our heroes only had 3 mins remaining.

Jose stepped up and used his lock picking skills to successfully open the vault. While this was going on, Hashim escorted the thief out of the room telling him he was escorting him to the exit. Once out of the deposit box room, the engineer was executed by the Soldier/Counter Terrorist.

30 seconds later, Jose had picked the lock to reveal the contents of the box, 1 x DVD ROM and 2 CF Cards. The team, realising their deadline was fast approaching decided to take the contents and try to re-secure the box. Jose failed to do this and after 30 seconds they decided to bail.

They carefully retreated from the Bank to the van and drove off, dropping the still unconscious police officer in some wasteland on the way to the safe house.

Mission Accomplished!


Xeteskian Xeteskian

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