The Agency: Season 01

Session 02

Not one enemy bullet fired

3 of 4 Players here tonight. The Hacker decided to stay in the van and help with the surveillance of the mission.

The players decide to take down the two police officers guarding the alleyway to the back of the bank. The soldiers (Eric & Hashim) drive up to the officer guarding the alley at the rear, call him over to the car and promptly tazer him before dragging him into the back of the van, binding and gagging him. They then head down one end of the alley to distract the officer at the other end by making a ruckus.

Meanwhile, The Intruder/Scout (Jose) makes his way stealthily along the rooftops, avoiding the scrutiny of the police sniper and the officers on the ground. He prepared to rappel down the the building behind the police officer and tazer him. Unfortunately, the officer spots him as he drops, spinning around and drawing his weapon “FREEZE!”

Eric acts quickly, moving behind the officer and intimidating him into raising his hands. Jose then fires the tazer hitting the officer’s armour and failing to subdue him. The officer drops to his knees and the following electrical surge knocks out the cop. They tie him up and drop him in the dumpster. They know from listening in on the police band that they’ll have around 10 mins to secure the objective before the officers will be missed.

They now approach the rear exit of the bank, there’s a sturdy security door blocking the way and they know from surveillance that there’s an automated sentry gun beyond it. The door is operated from outside by a digital security lock. they call in the Hacker to get it unlocked. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at locating the correct circuit points, the lock is re-programmed and the Hacker returns to the van for surveillance duty – total time since police were subdued, 3 mins.

Jose, Eric and Hashim type in the new code, prop open the door and roll in an emp greande. the emp disables the turret and they move in.

The Hacker tells them the current location and movement of two patrolling thieves as well as the thief monitoring the survailance cameras, they ask the hacker to switch the surveilance feeds to a loop and begin infiltrating the building. Using their suppressed weapons they promptly get the jump on the three guards and they go down without firing a single shot.

They then move to prepare an ambush on the thieves covering the hostages. Eric and Hashim step into the opened doorways of the lobby and performing a joint action on Eric’s call, execute all four thieves again without a single enemy taking a shot. Eric Promptly uses his crowd control ability to instruct the hostages to stay down and not move.

They are now 6 mins into their 10min window of opportunity. There are 5 thieves left and they still have to retrieve the primary objective. Tune in next week to see what happens…


Oi! Hashim used his crowd control skill! :)

Session 02
Xeteskian Xeteskian

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