The Agency: Season 01

Session 01

How do you access a building unseen?

First night and first session after character creation. Most of the evening was spent on gear picks. This was because all PC’s needed to get their possessions gear as well as their mission gear.

So onto intel:

Prologue Video


Soldeu Bank in Zurich is currently undergoing a robbery. For the last six hours a stalemate is underway as authorities fail to negotiate the release of the hostages.
The perpetrators seem to be militarily trained, well organised and well-armed.

Ordinarily a bank-robbery wouldn’t come under our scope of operations, however we believe that Soldeu bank holds the safety deposit-box of an individual that The Agency would very much like to know more about.

Your mission is to infiltrate the bank by whatever means you desire, gain entry to the safety deposit vault and if possible take a copy of the contents of box 47E. If you are unable to copy the contents, then procurement is preferred over abandonment.

Regarding the thieves and hostages, we leave that decision to you, however please be aware that the primary objective is the contents of box 47e. As we don’t know the contents of the box, we are providing you with a number of gear picks that may aid you in making copies of the contents.

The Agency does not wish to get involved in any discussions with Swiss authorities, so every effort should be made to avoid them.

On completion, please rendezvous at the Zurich safe house which is at 50 Germainastrasse.

Good luck Delta Team!

To get more information, the team’s hacker decided to try hacking the bank’s computer systems. This triggered a dramatic event that finalised with the hacker breaking into the system. This gave him access to the entire floor plan of the building as well as the security cameras scattered throughout.

It gave a clear indication that there were 18 hostages, 3 of which were dead. 2 of the dead hostages were security officers, the third a female civilian.

The hostages were guarded by 4 thieves all armed with pistol.

The rear fire exit was covered by an automatic sentry gun-turret.

Patrolling a corridor on each floor was a single guard, with a fourth in the first floor (UK 1st floor, not US 1st floor) security office.

In the basement there was a further 4 thieves attempting to drill into the vault, one significantly more menacing than the rest and holding an MP5 Heavy SMG, the drill operator was quite small and meek.

The Hacker then made a successful appraisal check and from determined that the menacing thief in the vault was the leader of the operation. Calling on his free dossier of the leader, revealed that he was ex-military, couldn’t re-integrate into the community and had a chequered past of misdemeanour’s from Assault to Grand Theft Auto.

External to the building was a large gathering of police and SWAT type officers trying to deal with the hostage situation. A police sniper and spotter was in the clock tower covering the south entrance, another sniper/spotter pair covered the west side of the building. To the rear of the building, covering the narrow 5ft alleyway was an officer at each end with weapon drawn monitoring the fire exit.

A discussion covering the possible points of entry determined that the best course of action was to either try entering via the fire exit at the rear or try entering via a side window.

An overview of the map showed that the side entry would be spotted by the dozens of police officers trying to deal with the hostage situation as well as the west wing sniper. The Hacker who was also monitoring the police band determined that the snipers called in every 10 mins, unless they spotted some kind of movement in the blacked out windows of the bank.

Session will continue next Tuesday at 19:30


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